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Copying text from word to web page Creating a table using anchors using hyper links
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When copying text from word documents to a web page, use these steps:

1) Open the word document (double click on the icon)

Note on Windows use <control> or <ctrl> key and Apple Mac OSX use <apple> key.

2) Click in the body of the text

3) Hold down the <apple> key and hit "A". This will select ALL text in the file.

4) Hold down the <apple> key and hit "C". This will copy the text.

5) Close the word document.

6) Click on the dream weaver icon.

7) Select file -> select new -> choose blank html. (first time only)

8) Click onto the page, hold down the <apple> key and hit "V". This will paste the text into the web page.

9) Click the save key.

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Creating a table

1) click the mouse on the spot where you want to insert the table

2) Select the Insert Menu and click on table

Insert table

3) Next you need to specify how many rows and columns you want in the table, note you can alway add more later. If you want the table itself to be invisible set the border thickness to zero.

Setting up the table

4) In dream weaver the table will look like this: (remember - in the browser the table will be invisible)


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Using Anchors

1) Click the mouse where you want to place the anchor, then click on the anchor button in the common menu.

Anchor button

2) Write the name of this anchor location in the dialog box which pops up on the screen.

Anchor Dialog Box

3) This name is not allowed to contain any spaces, only letters and numbers.

Anchor Dialog Box with name

4) Then click OK

Anchor icon

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Using hyperlinks

1) Go to the table at the top of the page and select the text you want to link to this anchor.

Anchor Text

2) Click on the hyperlink button in the common menu (looks like a linked chain)

3) The following dialog box will appear. From the link menu select the anchor you wish the connect to.

Hyperlink Dialog Box

4) You do not need to specify anything else, unless you want to.

Hyperlink dialog box complete

5) Click the OK button and your link is made.

Hyperlink finished



1) click on the Audacity icon in the dock

Doc Icon

2) select open file from the file menu, locate you audia file and open it.

3) the import can take quite a while, be patient, for example a 1 hour mp3 file will take 25 minutes to open.

4) select between 3 and 5 minutes of audio, then go to the file menu and select "Export Selection As WAV..." as shown below.

save selection

5) locate the folder you want to save to, rename your selection and then click on save.


6) the following progress bar will appear, again be patient.

7) select the next section, click here.

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Hyperlinking sound files

1) Save the document you are working on first.

2) Select the text you want to make into a link.

select text

3) Click on the hyperlink incon in the common menu at the top of the screen.

Hyperlink icon

4) the following dialog box will come up:

Hyperlink dialog box

5) click on the folder icon.

Folder icon

6) navigate to and select the file you want to link to

find file

7) Either double click this file, or single click and then click on the choose button.

no target

8) Click on the ok Button.

leave target blank

9) Now you are done. If you like you can select another bit of text and link it to another file. Remember to save the changes and to upload the file to the correct spot on the server.


Switch WAV to MP3 Application

1) Load the Switch application by clicking on its icon in the doc

Start Switch

2) Click on either add files or folders icon, then locate the files you wish to convert.

find files

3) Select the output folder location using the browse button:


4) Select the files, then click on the convert icon, and wait patiently while the files are converted to MP3.


5) click on open output folder icon to get to the converted files.

locate files

6) Do not forget the quit the switch program when you finish using it.


7) copy the converted files to the audioweb folder and prepare you webpage, before uploading it to the server.


Handy hints

1) On an Apple Macintosh you can take a screen shot by holding down the Apple and shift keys, then hitting 3, the screen capture will be automatically saved to the desktop name picture X, where X is a number starting with 1.

2) If you only want a screenshot of part of the screen, hold down the Apple and shift keys and hit 4, then use the mouse to select the area of the screen you want to capture. When you let go of the button the picture file will be saved to the desktop.

In both of these examples the computer will make a camera shutter sound to let you know that a photo of your screen has been taken.